Computer network technology development creates the need for network topology record. Networks are becoming too complex to visualise their topology in applications not adapted to such a task.

   Netman is a system designed for network passporting, inventorying, planning and monitoring. The system is operated via web browser, which makes it possible to co-work on the same project by many people. Correct, comprehensive record of computer network should consist of:

  •   - Network nodes and connections
  •   - Devices with their parameters
  •   - Devices configuration record
  •   - Area schemes, regional specifics and other documents


Netman features:

Compatible with maps provided by any map provider (such as OpenStreet Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps)

Each network element has its own file system wich makes it possible to connect files with specific network fragment

Graphical device creator lets user make a devices ideally the same as the real one

Parallel PING and SNMP monitoring of many devices with historical data and chart generation

Quick telephone alarms in case of specified number of failed ping attempts

Automatic config download from device and Syslog logs storage, indepentend of device brand


Docs contain strict description of Netman's features and instructions of its configuration and usage

See docs 


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